Meet the artisans, discover their expertise, and share their passion.

                                17 June 2020

                                Jacquemus: Burning Bright


                                Full of light, colour, and undeniable country charm, Jacquemus' Spring/Summer 2020 catwalk left its mark on the fashion world. First, by where it took place, in the middle of a blooming lavender field in Valensole, Provence, while the temperature soared to 35°C in the blazing sun. (But what more could you ask for when your collection is called Coup de Soleil, or “Sunburn?”) And second, by the eye-catching pieces on display. It was a succession of 65 coed looks made of naturally elegant, inventive, and meticulous garments that were full of references to the designer's childhood, which he spent in Southern France.

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                                5 June 2020

                                To All Graduates - A Word from Peter Simons


                                With all the events unfolding in our world today, I wanted to take a moment to offer my congratulations to thegraduating high school class of 2020.

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                                28 May 2020

                                IFWTO + Edito par Simons Collection


                                An all-new collection 8 Indigenous artists from across Canada 34 pieces produced with their invaluable expertise A unique showcase for authentic Indigenous fashion

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                                22 May 2020

                                Types of Dresses Every Woman Needs


                                Whether they're long, flared, or fitted, dresses have evolved over the years while maintaining their place on the top shelf of women's wardrobes. Follow our guide and discover the main types of dresses, as well as our tips on how to wear them.

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                                13 May 2020

                                Our Reopening Guide


                                In order to always provide you with safe and attentive customer service, we have put many measures in place that allow us to ensure your health and that of our employees.

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                                Spotlight 23.04.2020

                                An Interview with Beaufille

                                Sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon are the creative forces behind this sought-after Canadian brand, which has been winning over journalists and fashionistas alike. Meet the duo

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                                Trends 22.04.2020

                                Decorating with Plants: Projects for Personalizing Your Own Green Oasis

                                Maybe you've had the chance to meet a person who loves plants. Or, maybe you're the one who finds peace and joy by just digging in the dirt, patiently watching your flowers blossom, and letting greenery grow in your living space.

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                                Spotlight 15.04.2020

                                The North Face: In Exploration Mode

                                The North Face is the story of an expedition to the hidden side of the mountain, the one that calls to the hearts of adventurers and that feeds their quest for exploration, innovation, and style.

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                                Spotlight 15.04.2020

                                An Interview with Kathryn Bowen

                                établie à Toronto, la jeune designer Kathryn Bowen redonne ses lettres de noblesse au vêtement avec des coupes précises entre tradition et modernité. Rencontre avec une créatrice de talent.

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                                Spotlight 14.04.2020

                                An Interview with Elisa C-Rossow

                                Based in Montreal, this designer has made her mark with her chic and timeless aesthetic. Here's our discussion with the authentic and inspiring designer.

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                                Spotlight 10.04.2020

                                An Interview with école de Pensée

                                Since 2014, this Montreal brand has delivered a utilitarian wardrobe in which luxury is synonymous with timelessness and understatement. Meet these Canadian designers.

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                                Trends 19.03.2020

                                Slow, or the art of slowing down

                                Are you out of breath yet? Do you always feel like you are running around? Do weeks, months, and years go by so fast that you don't notice them flying by? Let's slow down, shall we? Let's talk about slow.

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                                Spotlight 04.03.2020

                                Fashion by and for Women

                                This International Women's Day, we would like to thank those women who have fostered our love of fashion since 1840. Thank you for sharing in our passion. Without you, we wouldn't be who we are today.

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                                Collabs 27.02.2020

                                United Colors of Benetton: Brilliantly Bold Since 1965

                                Benetton's bright and bold personality has had as much of an influence on the fashion world as it has on popular culture. This season, it's making a comeback that's as colourful as ever and is, as always, ready to make waves

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                                Spotlight 24.02.2020

                                Rainy Day Essentials

                                As winter fades away and we transition into spring, the weather can get pretty grey and rainy. Don't get discouraged though! We've prepped a list of essential pieces and accessories that'll brighten up even the dreariest of days.

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                                Spotlight 11.02.2020

                                Oscars 2020: The Red Carpet's Top Trends

                                The 92nd Academy Awards took place on February 9. Wearing daring and sophisticated looks, Hollywood's newcomers and brightest stars walked the red carpet at the famous Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Get inspired by their designer gowns and discover the trends that stood out at this celebrated ceremony.

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                                Spotlight 11.02.2020

                                Frida, A Nonconformist Icon

                                Her first name, Frida, is all we need to recognize this famous and unique Mexican painter. Quite often, she's associated first with her well-known look and secondly with her artwork. Why has this artist become a fashion muse, a status that she has maintained in the over 60 years since her death? What explains her endless modernity?

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                                Trends 27.01.2020

                                The Utility Trend: 5 Key Elements

                                Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Self-Portrait, Givenchy, Fendi… Many famous fashion designers have reinterpreted utilitarian style over the last few seasons. This trend, which is inspired by military uniforms from the past, focuses on clothing's functionality. What's new this spring? We've been inspired by the great outdoors! Go on a fashion expedition with us and check out our list of 5 key elements for a utility wardrobe.

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                                Spotlight 24.01.2020

                                Vitamin E: Protects and Repairs

                                Since its discovery in 1922, vitamin E has made a lot of progress. Originally extracted from plants, it was synthesized for the first time in 1938.

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                                Collabs 22.01.2020

                                My Heart, My Cause

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                                Spotlight 16.01.2020

                                Combining Fitness and Eco-Friendly Fashion

                                This year, why not make caring for your physical well-being and the well-being of the environment your goal? Now more than ever, environmental consciousness is part of our everyday life, whether it's our habits at home or at work, how we get around, or our clothing.

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                                Trends 09.01.2020

                                2020 Swimwear Trends for Women

                                There's no better way to begin the year than by getting a new bathing suit.

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                                Trends 24.12.2019

                                Why We Love the Sherpa Trend

                                Have you heard of sherpa? Even if you don't recognize the word, we're certain that you've seen this trend. It is everywhere! “Sherpa” is what the fashion world calls fleece, plush fabrics, and looped materials that recreate the look of sheep's wool. Soft, fluffy, and warm, sherpa combines style and comfort like nothing else.

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                                Trends 23.12.2019

                                Classic Blue: The Pantone Color of the Year 2020

                                It's become a tradition. Each December for the past 20 years, the Pantone Color Institute has revealed the color that will be the headlining hue for the next 12 months. Travel, art, global phenomena, cinema, entertainment, and design are carefully analyzed by this institution to uncover new chromatic trends and select the color that will prevail over the coming year.

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                                Spotlight 20.12.2019

                                Facing Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore: The Identity Question from All Angles

                                For the past few months, a gigantic “they” in white neon lights has been decorating the entryway of the Ottawa Art Gallery. These four letters escape no one's notice and create an air of mystery. What's hidden behind them? To whom do they belong? It's the voice of Cara Tierney (they/them), an interdisciplinary artist who's invested in questions of gender and identity, that resounds behind the immense neutral pronoun

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                                Spotlight 13.12.2019

                                Shea Butter: An Indispensable Moisturizer

                                The shea tree grows primarily in West Africa and produces a fruit from which we extract shea butter. This fruit has a rich and smooth texture as well as a slightly earthy scent, similar to a hazelnut. Despite being called a butter, it's actually a type of vegetable oil.

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                                Spotlight 06.12.2019

                                How to Choose and Care for Your Shaving Brush for Traditional Shaving

                                You've just received a traditional shaving kit and inside there's this… hairy thing. This little brush, whose bristles are often made of badger hair, is used for lathering your soap or shaving cream. In addition to producing your lather for shaving, this tool also helps you to properly spread it on your face before you start to go over your skin with the razor.

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                                Spotlight 05.12.2019

                                Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Men on Your List

                                Every year, finding the perfect gift to match the personality of every man in your entourage can be a challenge. What do you give to the guy who loves nights in watching Netflix? To the master chef or to the man who's just learning his way around the kitchen? To the insatiable jetsetter? Even more difficult is finding gift ideas for men who have everything.

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                                Trends 04.12.2019

                                Antonin Tron on Why He is Here: An Interview by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg

                                For me “sustainability” is about how you act on every level. It's about respecting everyone you work with—from the person who picks the fibres to the people in your office. I don't believe that fashion is “bad.” It's complex.

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                                Spotlight 23.11.2019

                                The Magic of Canada's Christmas Markets

                                December is here and winter has already slipped on its white coat. It's time for twinkle lights, Christmas carols, and comforting scents. It's also the time of year when tons of Christmas markets open in different towns and cities across Canada. It's the perfect opportunity to find decorations, regional products, and unique gifts that have been made by artisans. Here are a few suggestions that'll help you discover Canada's Christmas markets from east to west and make you experience the magic of the season to the max!

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                                Spotlight 22.11.2019

                                Eco-Friendly Wrapping Options for Going Green This Holiday

                                Don't forget to give a gift to Mother Nature this year. In order to make the holiday season a snap and give you peace of mind, we've got different alternatives for reusable and recycled gift wrapping. No more wasting paper, ribbons, and single-use bows! Eco-friendly and economical, these sublime creations are sure to make your loved ones smile.

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                                Spotlight 20.11.2019

                                Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Ladies on Your List

                                Every year, it's a challenge to find a present that's perfect for all wonderful women we know.

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                                Spotlight 19.11.2019

                                The 5 Commandments to Follow for a Happy and Healthy Beard

                                All self-respecting bearded men should make sure their facial hair always looks flawless. For some, this seems to be a difficult task that's nothing short of a miracle.

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                                Spotlight 19.11.2019

                                Argan Oil: A Luxurious Elixir for Hydration

                                Argan is a plant originally from Morocco that produces a small round, oval, or cone-shaped fruit that's well-known all over the world, mainly for its oil. Its numerous benefits have earned it the nickname “liquid gold.”

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                                Spotlight 15.11.2019

                                Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

                                Looking for sustainable and ethical gifts? Give everyone on your list the chance to start off 2020 on the right foot with our gift ideas that are as unique as they are eco-friendly.

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                                Collabs 08.11.2019

                                Simons x United Way: Making the Holidays Bright

                                With the holiday season just around the corner, Simons is proud to be partnering with United Way. Together, we will be donating 500 baskets of groceries to Canadian families in need.

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                                Spotlight 01.11.2019

                                The Holiday Decor Guide

                                Soon, a thick, white coat of snow will cover the ground, timeless carols will fill the air, and houses will shine bright with a thousand and one colours…

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                                Spotlight 24.10.2019

                                Cocktail Dress Trends For The Season's Soirees

                                Are chic events and parties filling up your calendar? Is your agenda almost as busy as a Hollywood star's? No doubt about it, the holidays are almost here and you're in full-on celebration mode.

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                                Spotlight 23.10.2019

                                Why Is It Called “Black Friday?”

                                Black Friday is without a doubt the most anticipated shopping day of the year. Falling on the day after American Thanksgiving, shoppers rush in store and online to pick up tons of items at reduced prices to give as holiday gifts. This day is intense and full quick decision making, as much for consumers as it is for the stores. But where does the name “Black Friday” come from? Discover the origins of this day of incredible deals.

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                                Spotlight 22.10.2019

                                Your Essentials for the Perfect Cozy Day Indoors

                                Between work, obligations, family, and friends, it's easy to neglect and forget about yourself. However, we think that you definitely deserve quality downtime in order to be able to really relax.

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                                Spotlight 17.10.2019

                                Recreate Outfits from Your Favorite TV Shows

                                The month of October is here, filled with lots of caramel lattés, invitations to Halloween parties, and the question that kills you every year: who will you be for Halloween? In order to give you inspiration, we've thought of seven on-trend options! Read our article and choose which character from the small screen you want to be on October 31.

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                                Spotlight 16.10.2019

                                Safety Razors Are for Women Too

                                Ladies, you're used to buying Rituels products for your boyfriend, father, and other important men in your life, but now, we need to talk about… you.

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                                Trends 16.10.2019

                                Sweaters and Cardigans: 10 Trends Keeping You Cozy in Style

                                The time for knits has arrived and we're all about chasing away the chill! Discover the sweaters and cardigans that are combining the best of what style and comfort have to offer this season.

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                                Collabs 11.10.2019

                                Hayley Elsaesser X Twik

                                Canadian fashion is important to us, which is why we're once again highlighting a homegrown designer from our amazing country. This season, Hayley Elsaesser has stolen the spotlight. Charmed by her bright, colourful, and authentic energy, we dived headfirst into her world and were totally transported by her new collection designed exclusively for Twik.

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                                Spotlight 10.10.2019

                                Jojoba Oil: A Tiny Hydrating Treasure

                                You've most likely used a product that contains jojoba oil without even knowing it. This plant, coming from the northwestern part of Mexico and from the southern parts of Arizona and California, is used in the cosmetics industry for its numerous beneficial properties.

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                                Trends 08.10.2019

                                Fall/Winter 2019: Cover Your Clothes in Art

                                This fall, fashion and art collide! Masterpieces from Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and Neoclassicism mix with modern culture and give birth to a fresh and unexpected aesthetic.

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                                Spotlight 03.10.2019

                                3 Winter Sports to Discover in Style

                                Winter can be a difficult time for athletes, but like us, you believe that the cold weather is no excuse to stay sedentary! To maintain your motivation during a snowstorm or when the temperatures drop, what's better than gearing up for new outdoor adventures?

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                                Trends 03.10.2019

                                A Renaissance Through Art

                                Since the beginning of Simons, we've cultivated our creative spirit through travel and discoveries. The work of artists from different disciplines inspires us because like them, we believe that art helps to make the world more beautiful, allows us to express ourselves, and sparks new ideas.

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                                Spotlight 01.10.2019

                                Men's Winter Coats and Jackets: Choose Your Ally

                                As beautiful as it may be, winter in Quebec isn't easy! Just like how fashion follows in the footsteps of runway trends, we have to adapt so many of our daily habits to the cold climate: Find the coat that will see you through your day-to-day by being perfectly suited to your style and what you need when it comes to warmth.

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                                Spotlight 27.09.2019

                                Behind the Pattern

                                Each season, our team of designers creates new patterns for our decors. At their worktable, Audrey and Julie draw, exchange, and fine-tune their designs until they've come up with the most modern and unique patterns that have Simons' signature touch.

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                                Spotlight 27.09.2019

                                Aloe: A Plant with Many Virtues for Hydrated Skin

                                Known by those who have a green thumb, aloe is a plant with multiple benefits that few really know about. We find it everywhere in men's grooming products but what is its real function?

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                                Spotlight 24.09.2019

                                5 Hiking Destinations Where You Can Wear the Trekking Trend

                                Vests with snap links, bucket hats, and pants and shorts with XXL cargo pockets—styles from the great outdoors have officially become a staple in our wardrobes this year.

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                                Trends 20.09.2019

                                Women's Winter Coats: 2019 Trends

                                How do you get through the winter season with a smile? One way is to keep covered and cover up in style! Follow our guide for finding the type of winter coat that meets your needs and discovering today's top trends.

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                                Trends 13.09.2019

                                Retro Evolution: A Trend Inspired by the '70s

                                Rich, sumptuous materials and warm shades are what's hot this season. When worn to their full potential, these textures and tones result in reinvented luxe

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                                Spotlight 10.09.2019

                                How to Shave with a Safety Razor

                                Are you a new to traditional shaving or are you curious but hesitant because shaving with a safety razor seems difficult? Don't worry: after a brief learning period, it's fast, enjoyable and easy!

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                                Trends 09.09.2019

                                How To Dress For Winter Running And Forget About The Cold

                                Even when the summer heat gives way to cool breezes, and then later to icy blasts, your workout routine doesn't need to change. To enjoy winter to the max, here are a few tips for running… and keeping a smile on your face!

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                                Trends 06.09.2019

                                International Klein Blue: Ultramarine Rules the Runway

                                In our designer campaign this past spring, we payed tribute to Yves Klein, a ground-breaking avant-garde artist of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Klein is perhaps most famous for developing and patenting his own signature shade of blue known as International Klein Blue, or IKB.

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                                Spotlight 03.09.2019

                                The New Traveller Collection: A Wardrobe Made For The Modern Traveller

                                Imagine combining efficiency and elegance in every moment of everyday life—from the hustle and bustle of the airport to the more formal affair of a boardroom business meeting. Now it's possible thanks to the new Traveller collection designed exclusively by Simons!

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                                Trends 29.08.2019

                                The Capsule Wardrobe: The Art of the Minimalist Wardrobe

                                Grumbling that you have nothing to wear in front of your wardrobe each morning is something that you know all too well. With everyone heading back to work soon, you're probably getting ready to rush to the store to buy the latest trends and add more to your closet that's already crammed full.

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                                Trends 20.08.2019

                                American Prep: A Curriculum of the Trend

                                This fall, preppy pieces are evolving as they take inspiration from heritage sportswear: Ivy League looks and utility clothing are now coming together to sit side by side on the bleachers.

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                                Collabs 19.08.2019

                                MARKANTOINE x Ic?ne: A Trip to the Heart of Originality

                                From being a young kid who enjoyed designing dresses while studying theatre to becoming one of the most prominent avant-garde designers of his generation, the career of Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert has been one woven with hard work, will, passion, and authenticity...

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                                Trends 16.08.2019

                                Women's Workout Leggings: Pick the Right Pair

                                To push your limits and take on new challenges, gear up with comfortable, high-performance clothing. Whatever your favorite activity may be, a great pair of sports leggings will help you keep in top shape while also looking your best.

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                                Trends 16.08.2019

                                Work Wear for Heading Back to the Office in Style

                                When vacation comes to an end and when kids are preparing to go back to school, it's also time to update your professional wardrobe.

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                                Trends 09.08.2019

                                The Dad Trend

                                Think that the trends are only based on celebrity looks and runway shows? Surprise! Today's newest fashion icon is closer to you than you might think… it's your dad!

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                                Trends 30.07.2019

                                Backpacks: The Top 5 Trends

                                As the #1 companion of both nomads and dedicated city dwellers, the backpack inspires thoughts of freedom and adventure. Designed for hiking in the mountains and then reinvented for schoolkids, it's now made its way onto today's top catwalks. Time to add this popular piece to your wardrobe.

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                                Trends 22.07.2019

                                The Denim Jacket: How to Wear This Classic Piece for Men and Women

                                Season after season, the jean jacket proves itself to be a key piece of clothing in both men's and women's wardrobes

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                                Trends 19.07.2019

                                Osheaga 2019: What to Wear to See Your Favorite Artists?

                                We're well into summer, vacation has officially started, and festival season is in full swing! Soon, it will be time for Osheaga! The Osheaga 2019 lineup has been released and will definitely get you moving and grooving to the beats of some of music's most popular artists. On our radar for the 14th edition of this major Montreal festival are: The Lumineers, City and Colour, The Chemical Brothers, Flume, Gucci Mane, and Childish Gambino. We can't wait to see their spectacular shows at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

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                                Spotlight 15.07.2019

                                Marathon Season: What to wear on your runs?

                                5 or 10, 21.1 or 42.2 km, whatever your goal for running might be, it's essential to be well prepared and well dressed.

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                                Trends 15.07.2019

                                5 Pieces to Put on Your List for Back to School This Fall

                                Ready for back to school? Well, ready or not, here it comes! Now's the perfect time to start back to school shopping since it's never too early to talk about the top trends and what you'll be wearing in your back to school outfits for fall. This year, we've made things a little easier for you by coming up with a list of 5 must-have pieces to pick up so that you'll be in a class of your own.

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                                Spotlight 28.06.2019

                                Polo Shirts for Men: Game Changers in Your Summer Wardrobe

                                Straddling both chic and casual, the polo is one of our favourite menswear pieces for summer. The ultimate wardrobe chameleon, it combines the comfort of a T-shirt with the elegance of a shirt and can be worn with sportswear or on more formal occasions. Take a look at this summer's trends for this iconic top.

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                                Spotlight 21.06.2019

                                Beach Vacation: What to Wear to Top Destinations

                                Here we are. The weather is mild, the days are getting longer, and when it's about 20 degrees out, we can only think of one thing: beach getaways. Influencers are already flooding our Instagram feed with summer outfits and giving us lots of ideas for future vacation destinations. Whether you're escaping to the heart of the Cyclades in Greece, travelling to see the blue waters of Maui, or flying to taste the fantastic flavors of Bali, we've created a clothing selection that's perfect for the beach, the patio, strolls around the city, and summer's most spectacular soirees.

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                                Spotlight 20.06.2019

                                Mike Eckhaus & Zoe Latta talk about the clothes they wear with Anjia Aronowsky Cronberg

                                When you dedicate your life to making other people look good in clothes, what kind of clothes make you feel good about yourself? When you're surrounded by fashion all day, every day, do you get more or less self-conscious about your own clothing choices? What do designers wear, and why?

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                                Trends 17.06.2019

                                Make way for summer dresses!

                                Summer is upon us and the warmer weather has us over the moon. What better way to soak it all in than by dressing up in feminine, airy, and casual summer dresses?

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                                Spotlight 17.06.2019

                                One Chance in a Million

                                Bradley Chance Hays (who also goes by Chance) knows he's succeeded in doing what he's meant to do in life when he sees someone smile and appreciate his artwork.

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                                Spotlight 11.06.2019

                                Men's Summer Clothing Essentials — 2019 Trends

                                A true style playground, men's summer fashion introduces lots of creative clothing options as well as tons of new arrivals. When the temperature rises and the sun shines its brightest, comfort and protection are key. However, since summer is also a season full of celebrations, why not enjoy having fun with your wardrobe? Here are the top trends that'll help you find stylish warm weather clothing.

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                                Spotlight 07.06.2019

                                The Best Workout Clothes For Men

                                A guide for runners, golfers, gym buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts!

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                                Trends 06.06.2019

                                North America's Most Popular Music Festivals

                                The first few notes sound, the guitars start to play, summer is here, and the season for outdoor music festivals can finally start! Year after year, there are more and more music festivals that make music lovers and vacationers move to new rhythms as they discover artists from all over the world.

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                                Trends 31.05.2019

                                Going for Baroque: Womenswear and Menswear

                                Baroque is making a major comeback and dominating the style scene this season. You've probably heard of this regal trend that's characterized by gorgeous gilding, chains, scrolls, and ostentatious patterns inspired by the past.

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                                Trends 30.05.2019

                                Is Fashion Art?

                                The debate about whether fashion is art is a well-trodden one. The links between the two forms of culture go back at least to Renaissance times when master painters like Jacopo Bellini, Antonio Pisanello and Antonio del Pollaiuolo were not just depicting the fashions of their day in their work but also dreaming up new designs and creating textile patterns and embroidery which were later copied onto actual garments in a curious case of life imitating art.

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                                Trends 23.05.2019

                                Workout Clothes for Women: 2019 Trends

                                Fashion and fitness have never been so intertwined as they are today. Activewear, in addition to being ultra trendy, is also proving to be practical and comfortable. We can even wear it outside of the gym!

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                                Trends 21.05.2019

                                Tie-Dye: At the Heart of This Year's Must-Have Motif

                                Woodstock, Coachella, The Beach Bum… Forget everything you think you know about tie-dye, because this year, it's making a comeback that's more evolved than ever before. Since the 2018 runways, it has returned to its former glory due to a trending boom in surf culture and references.

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                                Collabs 16.05.2019

                                United for the Future

                                The Stand for Tomorrow program aims to raise awareness of social issues and to encourage those who are working to solve them. To support TOMS in its campaign, Simons selected three inspiring Canadian organizations. Thanks to their visions, these changemakers inspire positive change in our country.

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                                Spotlight 01.05.2019

                                How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

                                Whether you're a runner, love practicing yoga, or are a CrossFit fan, one item that's a major must in your workout wardrobe is a sports bra.

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                                Collabs 01.05.2019

                                The Dancers of Program 3 by Ballet BC

                                Leaping, kicking, spinning, twirling—the dynamic art of dance is a wonder to witness. To ensure as many people as possible can enjoy this captivating art form, Simons has made Simon's Arts for All Seating available for Ballet BC's performance of Program 3, a presentation of three exceptional choreographed works, which will run from May 9 through 11 at Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

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                                Trends 30.04.2019

                                Old Clothes, New Vintage: Nostalgia in the Twenty-First Century

                                As anyone who has recently visited a department store will know, we're exposed today to an abundance of what we might call new vintage clothing. These are the clothes that we buy brand new, but that aspire to have the vintage appeal of things that get better with age.

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                                Spotlight 26.04.2019

                                Danica x Simons Maison: Together for an Eco-Friendly Collection

                                For many years, Simons and Danica, a Vancouver design company, have had a special relationship. Already actively involved in environmental issues, Danica was the perfect partner to develop a collection of eco-friendly decor items in collaboration with our Simons Maison buyers.

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                                Trends 24.04.2019

                                Menswear Must-Haves for Spring/Summer 2019

                                Each season brings with it its own batch of new arrivals and a new season means new must-have pieces to pick up.

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                                Spotlight 23.04.2019

                                Vacation Outfits: Fashion Essentials for Your Next Trip

                                Whether you're going to the beach, the mountains, or to an urban destination, it's important that you bring the right clothes for your sunny escape.

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                                Spotlight 19.04.2019

                                The ABC's of Swimwear for Women

                                Choosing a bathing suit can be the most crucial step of planning your vacation...

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                                Spotlight 19.04.2019

                                Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

                                Big night almost here and you're not quite ready yet? Are you wondering what the hottest colors and fabrics for prom dresses will be, what length of dress you should wear, or which shoes and accessories you should pick out to add the finishing touch to your look? We can help!

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                                Spotlight 19.04.2019

                                Ambition, Amour & Joie de Vivre: An Interview with Jill Lecours Grimard

                                It's Wednesday morning and we have a meeting with Jill Lecours Grimard. April's sunshine keeps us warm as we head off towards the studio of the watercolour artist and founder of Amour & Joie de Vivre.

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                                Spotlight 17.04.2019

                                A Conversation with Catherine Simard

                                To celebrate our Creating an Echo collection, influencer and globe-trotter Catherine Simard became our i.FIV5 photography ambassadress for the second time in a row.

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                                Trends 08.04.2019

                                Infinite Hues: The Art of Colour

                                With the winter weather waning, we're ready to wave goodbye to our heavy coats and say hello to all the bold brights and pale pastels that signal summer is on its way. This new season is giving us infinite options on how to pair shades from all across the spectrum and make a major mood-lifting style statement.

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                                Trends 08.04.2019

                                The Return of Stripes: Spring/Summer 2019 Trends for Men

                                Stripes have played a part in our wardrobes for ages. Long associated with individuals who broke the social order, they have been a symbolic visual cue for years.

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                                Spotlight 08.04.2019

                                I.FIV5 x CPAWS | Exploring Lands of Hope

                                With our eco-friendly I.FIV5 collection called “Creating An Echo,” we hope to shine a light on the environmental issues that we at Simons care so deeply about.

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                                Collabs 02.04.2019

                                An Ode to Colour and Balance: Meet the Artist Catherine Lavoie

                                Catherine Lavoie sees art in her soup, in her cereal, and in her ramen as well. Her daily life is an endless source of inspiration. This spring, she shares her overflowing creativity with us in an exclusive collection of T-shirts featuring pretty, colourful, and minimalist prints that suit her to a T! Let yourself be won over just like we were by this artist and her artwork.

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                                Spotlight 27.03.2019

                                Into the Blue: A Salute to Yves Klein

                                Klein felt canvases, sculptures, and even sponges covered in monochrome colours worked best to awaken our awareness of the infinite because, similar to being in a meditative trance, they could transport the viewer out of the present moment and into a metaphysical realm. According to Klein, monochromes liberated anything from its physical form and allowed the viewer to experience immateriality.

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                                Collabs 22.03.2019

                                Cultiver l'Espoir: An Inspiring Organic Agricultural Production Program

                                Socially concerned by humanitarian and environmental causes, our Twik team seeks out new causes to support each season. Because we know that we can make a difference in the world by what we do, getting involved and taking concrete action has become instinctive to us.

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                                Spotlight 16.03.2019

                                Jaipur Collection: Textiles Full of History

                                The Pink City, the royal city, the cradle of the gemstone trade, the crossroads for fabric artisans…

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                                Collabs 14.03.2019

                                Marie-ève Lecavalier on Growing up in Fashion

                                Montreal designer Marie-ève Lecavalier joins forces with édito to create the first-ever designer collection produced by Simons. The following tête-à-tête is written by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg who founded Vestoj in 2009 as a platform for critical thinking in fashion. Today, she runs the annual Vestoj Journal, Vestoj Online, and the live performance Vestoj Salons. She lives in Paris and produces Vestoj under the partial patronage of London College of Fashion, where she also works as a Senior Research Fellow in Fashion Theory and Practice.

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                                Spotlight 04.03.2019

                                Celebrating Female Leaders for International Women's Day

                                At Simons, we experience the magic that happens when women work together and support each other, since our company is primarily made up of women. Today, more than ever, we are proud to promote women leaders.

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                                Trends 22.02.2019

                                Men's Suits: Trends for Spring/Summer 19

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                                Trends 22.02.2019

                                Women's Suits: Trends for Spring/Summer 19

                                The two-piece business suit has come back stronger than ever before for the new season. We'll show you four ways to reinvent this look based on the top runway trends.

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                                Trends 05.02.2019

                                Colours for Spring/Summer 2019: Menswear

                                This spring, the Simons team invites you to discover the colour palettes that caught the eye of today's top designers and have painted the pieces of our menswear collections.

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                                Collabs 04.02.2019

                                Manif d'art x Simons

                                “We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky,” wrote Leonard Cohen, whose significant prose gave birth to this year's ninth edition of the Manif d'art de Québec, orchestrated by the director of the Ikon Gallery of Birmingham, Jonathan Watkins.

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                                Trends 01.02.2019

                                Colours for Spring/Summer 2019: Women's Wardrobe

                                This spring, the Simons team invites you to discover the colour palettes that caught the eye of today's top designers and have painted the pieces of our private labels.

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                                Trends 01.02.2019

                                Happy Birthday, Bauhaus!

                                2019 highlights the 100th anniversary of the famous Bauhaus school that gave birth to the art movement of the same name.

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                                Trends 22.01.2019

                                2019 Summer Clothes for Women

                                Here we go… The sun is finally out! The temperature is slowly but surely climbing and your catching closet-makeover fever. You want to totally redo your entire wardrobe! Maybe you're going on a getaway soon? Whatever the reason, don't worry: with a few key pieces that are top trends for summer, you'll be all set to shine. From summer vacation outfits in holiday-ready hues to perfect picks for the office, Simons introduces the season's essentials that'll get you started.

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                                Spotlight 15.01.2019

                                What to Wear to a Wedding

                                The invitation has arrived! You're getting ready to attend a celebration of love that promises to be unforgettable. But what will you wear?

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                                Trends 07.01.2019

                                2019 Swimsuits: In Tune with the Trends

                                Beautiful, bright sunshine, the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, and the feel of hot sand against your skin fills your daydreams.

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                                Spotlight 24.12.2018

                                Behind the Scenes: A Visit to Maison Jean Longpré

                                Twice a year, our team in charge of artistic direction at Simons Maison sets out to select a house to act as a backdrop in our seasonal decor catalogue.

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                                Trends 17.12.2018

                                Living Coral, 2019's Colour of the Year

                                Living Coral represents modern life's fusion with our natural environment, since the colour appears as much in our natural surroundings as in our digital world.

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                                Spotlight 05.12.2018

                                Ornaments & Origami

                                Assembling our window displays for the holidays is an early sign that the season for making merry is just around the corner.

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                                Collabs 30.11.2018

                                LG Chabot: A 125-Year-Old Family Story

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                                Collabs 10.11.2018

                                Twik x Too Cool For School | In collaboration with @desseydoll

                                It's with immense pleasure that influencer Despina Daniilids wrote this article in which she tells us about her adventure in Seoul and her love for Too Cool For School's Korean skincare products that are now available at Simons.

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                                Spotlight 09.11.2018

                                A Stunning Table Setting

                                Are you familiar with the expression “eating with your eyes?” Whether it's a hearty meal or a more formal fête, taking your seat around a table that's beautifully set and divinely decorated can definitely influence your dining experience.

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                                Collabs 18.10.2018

                                Transform Your Shaving Routine with Rituels Grooming Products for Men

                                A few months ago, Simons announced that it would be acquiring Rituels, a company from Quebec City that specializes in shaving accessories and other grooming products for men.

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                                Trends 09.10.2018

                                A Nod to the Past(el)

                                Our latest Fall/Winter 2018 men's collections lookbook offers a glimpse into fashion that is rich and colourful, yet unabashedly refined. Brightly hued trompe-l'oeil drapes cozy up to chic black and white tiles, patterned wallpapers, stripes and mosaics coexist in a unique harmony to become a trove of carefully selected retro décor elements.

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                                Collabs 03.10.2018

                                Protecting Polar Bears and Our Planet

                                Alysa is the director of conservation outreach and a staff scientist at Polar Bears International (PBI), an organization dedicated to conserving polar bears and the sea ice they depend on for survival.

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                                Spotlight 28.09.2018

                                Showing Support

                                This fall, Simons is extremely proud to be teaming up with the Breast Cancer Foundation. The Foundation's spokesperson, Mitsou Gélinas, and four of its ambassadresses agreed to model for one of our photo shoots and to share with us what it is that gives them strength, courage, and hope.

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                                Trends 14.09.2018

                                Long Live Tartan

                                This pattern is no ordinary plaid and is taking hold of everything fashion has to offer this fall/winter 2018-19.

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                                Spotlight 12.09.2018

                                VOLCOM X GEORGIA MAY JAGGER

                                Volcom recently made the journey over to London to meet their muse, international model Georgia May Jagger, and propose the idea of working together on their latest project: a brand new collection.

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                                Trends 29.08.2018

                                Marimekko: Daring Finnish Design

                                Known worldwide for designs with innovative motifs and a bold use of colour, Marimekko doesn't fit in with the popular trend of Scandinavian minimalism. In fact, the design house's aesthetic is quite the opposite.

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                                Trends 24.08.2018

                                6 Key Runway Trends

                                Summer is in full swing. The sun is shining and we're enjoying every minute of the warm weather, but in the wonderful world of fashion, it's been fall for a few months now! To get a jump on the hottest style elements for next season, there's nothing better than taking a quick look at the runways of the biggest designer labels.

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                                Trends 13.08.2018

                                School's Back in Session for Fashionistas in the Making

                                At Simons, we've got you covered with our list major must-haves for the semester that'll earn you the superlative of “Best Dressed” even before the first bell rings.

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                                Spotlight 10.08.2018

                                Just Tiffany

                                Dazzling and down-to-earth is how we would describe Canadian model Tiffany Meia. Featured in our latest Twik photo shoot, she's not only garnered tons of followers on Instagram, but also contracts with world-famous brands like Levi's, The North Face, Tiffany & Co., and Nike. We recently sat down with her to discuss her career, family, and goals.

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                                Trends 10.08.2018

                                Twinning, the New Fashion Phenomenon

                                Over the years, the idea of two people wearing the same outfit has become a bit of a fashion phenomenon. In fact, it's grown increasingly popular on social media and blogs, and has been spotted at fashion weeks in major cities.

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                                Trends 27.07.2018

                                The Racing Trend Accelerates to the Top

                                The biggest names in fashion are also driving this style direction that looks like it will be staying at the top of the leaderboard for a few more laps around the racetrack…

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                                Spotlight 10.07.2018

                                The Summer Party That'll Be a Smash Hit!

                                The yard to stage left, the garden to stage right… Outside is where the season's most critically acclaimed celebration will be taking place. On with the show!

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                                Spotlight 26.06.2018

                                The National Portrait and a New Age for Art

                                The final phase of the nationwide 3DCanada project is finally being revealed! Admire the finished piece at the Ottawa Art Gallery from June 19 to August 19, 2018.

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                                Spotlight 26.06.2018

                                Hats off to Smithbilt

                                The legendary Calgary hatmaker keeps a time-honoured tradition alive and current.

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                                Collabs 19.06.2018

                                Get the Best of the West with Boulet Boots

                                Handcrafted in the city of St-Tite, cowboy boots made by the Canadian company Boulet Inc. are crossing new frontiers and stepping out overseas.

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                                Trends 05.06.2018

                                BOUND by Bond-Eye Swimsuits Are Making Waves

                                Temperatures are on the rise and so is our excitement for summer. We're thinking more and more about vacations in the sun and the soothing ocean air.

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                                Collabs 05.06.2018

                                Twik X Kate Pugsley

                                At Simons, art is important to us. We're inspired by the work of artists, since like them, we believe that art beautifies the world and helps new ideas to emerge. That's why, season after season, we love collaborating with creators and designers from all over the world.

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                                Spotlight 31.05.2018

                                Luis Barragán – Brilliance and Beauty

                                One of the things we love about fashion is the way it can instantly alter your mood.

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                                Spotlight 17.05.2018

                                The groom's clothing guide from Simons

                                Got engaged? Here are a few style tips for the next 3 big steps you need to plan for…

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                                Trends 16.05.2018

                                Trend Alert: Ankle Socks

                                Flowers are blooming. The air is getting warmer. Soft, fluid fabrics, pastel hues, and floral patterns are about to invade your wardrobe.

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                                Spotlight 15.05.2018

                                Festival Season

                                Thousands of people will be there. Listed on the line-up are dazzling performances, lots of music and fun, new friends, and that feeling of being part of an utterly unforgettable experience.

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                                Spotlight 08.05.2018

                                Family Influence Meets Future Impact

                                Beauty equals power – especially when it's a subtle approach to sustainable consumption like Winnipeg native Bronwyn Seier's beautiful and ethereal collection.

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                                Spotlight 04.05.2018

                                Put on Poetry with Designs from Lemaire and Tran

                                Season after season, Lemaire delivers unpretentious and pared-down collections, where luxury is found in the rich materials used and the structured, elegant cuts.

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                                Trends 20.04.2018

                                The Power of Prints

                                Prints are powerful drivers of style and what's in changes from season to season. The right print can transform a classic outfit into a real fashion statement. Every print tells a rich story of the cultures and trends that inspired it. This spring, the Simons editorial team is bringing you a selection of their favourite fabrics. Make way for gingham, stripes, floral, and camouflage!

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                                Spotlight 19.04.2018

                                Nature Boy

                                When it comes to caring about the environment, we've got a lot in common with Simon Nessman, the face of our Spring/Summer 18 Men's Designer Campaign.

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                                Spotlight 05.04.2018

                                The Colourful Creativity of Marni

                                Creative, avant-garde, adventurous, meticulous, and unique: Marni's sophisticated and surprising style has been charming fashion fans since the brand's very beginning.

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                                Collabs 04.04.2018

                                The hives on our roofs

                                Simons is proud to be hosting our very first urban hives at our Old Quebec, Carrefour Laval, and Square One stores in collaboration with the Canadian company, Alvéole.

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                                Spotlight 14.03.2018

                                Opening at Galeries de la Capitale

                                The first net-zero energy store in Canada

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                                Spotlight 16.02.2018

                                Super Nova

                                It's hard not to get star struck sitting down with someone like Nova Orchid. Shining just as bright as her celestial namesake, this Montreal model shot to sartorial stardom by rocking the runway for some of fashion's foremost luminaries, like Chanel and Sonia Rykiel.

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                                Trends 07.02.2018

                                Ultra violet, color of the year 2018

                                We are constantly stimulated, inspired, and motivated by the colors around us. This is something that the team at Pantone, the world authority on color, really understands. Every year for the past 19 years, it's challenged itself to find the shade that will represent and embody the upcoming year. It proudly announced that the new hue selected for 2018 will be: Ultra Violet. Pantone describes this purple shade as a symbol of “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.”

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                                Spotlight 01.02.2018

                                Meet the Models

                                It's not every day that two major models step into our studio, and even more rare that both call Canada home! We were excited to sit down with Elizabeth Davison and Steph Smith in order to learn a little bit more about these lovely ladies.

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                                Trends 26.01.2018

                                Eastern Elegance: Poetic Style Inspired by Japan

                                The Land of the Rising Sun invites you on a luxurious journey down its cherry-blossomed boulevards where sophisticated minimalism meets delicate femininity.

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                                Spotlight 29.12.2017

                                Holiday Heroes

                                As the magic of the holidays envelops us – in every city and town across the country, there are Canadians gifting something very special to our communities.

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                                Spotlight 29.11.2017

                                The Warmth of Winter

                                If Canadian winters are long and harsh, they're also impressive, unique, and host to a number of magnificently rich moments. This is what inspires the proud Canadian coat brand, Quartz Co.

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                                Spotlight 28.11.2017

                                Winter in the Windows

                                It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... This seasonal song is certainly ringing true at Simons as we recently installed our stunning window displays for the holidays. What's waiting for you as you pass in front of the glass? Snowy scenes presented in pale pinks and gorgeous light greens!

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                                Collabs 17.11.2017

                                Embodying Style: MARIPIER x blush finds the perfect fit with Simons

                                With her MARIPIER x blush lingerie collection launching exclusively this month at Simons, and Face au Mur a new game show series based on LeBron James' The Wall coming this winter – bewitching, mercurial and utterly charming Quebec TV It Girl Maripier Morin is sitting pretty at the top of her game, naturally.

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                                Spotlight 02.11.2017

                                Simons Featured in Sharp Magazine

                                Sharp Magazine recently met with a few faces from our men's buying team at Simons. Discover a bit about these trend hunters who travel to cities around the world, looking for the best of the best in menswear.

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                                Spotlight 30.10.2017

                                Art and Sole

                                Saute-Mouton is the brainchild of a family of passionate, skilled artisans. It's 33 people who work tirelessly to make sleek and comfortable boots to face the biting cold of Canadian winters. And it is a company that is fundamentally proud to be Canadian.

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                                Spotlight 26.10.2017

                                Raising the Barre for Art & Culture: Ballet BC's Emily Molnar takes us into the future of ballet

                                When Emily Molnar took over as artistic director of Ballet BC, the Vancouver-based dance company was on the brink of bankruptcy – another cultural institution that had yet to find its footing in this new, fast-moving digital world.

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                                Collabs 07.10.2017

                                Family ties

                                When it comes to making leather goods, it's hard to beat Italian expertise. For family-run company Fracap, every single shoe that's made is treated like a work of art. Simons is proud to collaborate with the Cappellos in offering high-quality, fashionable boots for men.

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                                Collabs 04.10.2017

                                A most gracious host

                                Staying in one of the hotels by Group Germain Hotels is almost like being hosted by a member of your family! From coast to coast, they go above and beyond so that each guest feels unique, special, and pampered. If Canadians are known for being warm and welcoming, then the Germains embody this to a T!

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                                Spotlight 02.10.2017

                                Exclusive NV Unisex Collection at Simons

                                For the fall/winter 2017-2018 season, Simons produces its very first NV unisex collection.

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                                Trends 27.09.2017

                                Trans/Form: These New Proportions Are Next Level

                                While a new Transformers film hit theatres this past summer, another type of transformer—one for your wardrobe—hit the runway and the street. Say hello to the Trans/Form trend, a style direction that's resizing and redesigning basics, creating sartorial staples in fresh proportions. Think longline pieces, boxy tees, wide legs, drop-shoulders, and minimalist mock necks with dimensions that are dramatically different from what's already hanging in your closet.

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                                Collabs 25.09.2017

                                Karine Vanasse x Elisa C-Rossow: Aesthetics and Timelessness

                                When they met just over 2 years ago, their connection was immediate and mutual. The same vision of fashion and aesthetics —it's no surprise that actress Karine Vanasse and designer Elisa C-Rossow wanted to collaborate on a unique and exclusive collection at Simons.

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                                Spotlight 19.09.2017

                                From Sea to Sea

                                Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the magnificent St. Lawrence River or the majestic Pacific Ocean that runs along Canada's West Coast.

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                                Trends 15.09.2017

                                Velvet revival

                                Soft, rich, and sophisticated, velvet is this season's style star… and it comes as no surprise that it's now our #1 crush! Ladies, say hello to the new version of velvet!

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                                Collabs 13.09.2017

                                The dynamic duo behind street-savvy label Represent

                                There's no fashion like British street-fashion. From Katharine Hamnett to Jeremy Scott, its edge, its style and its attitude inspire cult-like followings. And thanks to George and Mike Heaton, the brothers behind Represent, the buzz is coming from the north of England this time. We talked to George about what makes Manchester-based Represent such a stand-up standout, and learned how family is their driving force.

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                                Collabs 11.09.2017

                                Rudy Bois X Simons: The Designer and His Fashion Career

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                                Spotlight 28.08.2017

                                The power of simplicity

                                Vitaly is proof of the power of simplicity. This Toronto-based lifestyle brand creates high-quality clothing and accessories with an urban look and rebellious attitude. Its goal is to elevate the everyday with carefully placed details, while letting clean, structural lines do all the talking.

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                                Spotlight 15.08.2017

                                Decorating on a student budget

                                Scrolling through a myriad of gorgeous, inspiring home decors on Instagram or Pinterest, we often find ourselves dreaming of transforming our own home with the latest trends. One, tiny problem? The budget.

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                                Collabs 15.08.2017

                                Rose Buddha x Ola Volo x I.FIV5

                                A Collaborative Collection of Eco-friendly Leggings Exclusively at Simons. Elles sont deux jeunes mamans et sont toutes deux amoureuses du yoga, de la méditation et de la nature. Elles étaient à la recherche d'un legging en accord parfait avec leur mode de vie actif. Et faute de trouver le legging sans défaut, elles l'ont créé. Depuis 2016, Madeleine Arcand et Maxime Morin sont les deux femmes à la tête de Rose Buddha, une entreprise québécoise de leggings haut de gamme qui plaisent autant pour le look qu'ils procurent que pour leur conception 100 % écoresponsable.

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                                Trends 13.08.2017

                                Hello Tokyo

                                Welcome to the capital of Japan, a city that's always on the move, buzzes with energy, and surprises you with something new all the time.

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                                Spotlight 01.08.2017

                                These Bags Are Made For Walking

                                True symbols of adventure, bags are our best companions on any journey, whether big or small. It's not surprising then that Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, two brothers passionate about travelling, chose them as their main product when they founded Herschel in 2009.

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                                Spotlight 24.07.2017

                                A Tailor-Made Legacy: Personal Vision - It Runs in the Family

                                Weaving a new vision: Xiaoyi Li, CAFA Simons Fashion Design Student Award, is the future of fashion for a conscious generation.

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                                Spotlight 12.07.2017

                                Simons: A Great Canadian Family

                                Their story is of an unconditional love for fashion, a tale that started in Quebec City in 1840 and that has continued ever since.

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                                Spotlight 17.06.2017

                                A thrilling new legacy: Simons and Chad Fike team up for the Stampede

                                Teams of glossy thoroughbreds pulling wagons at breathtaking speeds, dodging barrels as outriders gallop alongside in a complex waltz – It's a thrilling experience. The fascinating choreography of chuckwagon racing, which debuted as a sport during the 1932 Calgary Stampede, draws a huge crowd that often includes celebrity spectators such as Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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                                Collabs 14.06.2017

                                June Swimwear x Cantoro x Simons

                                Fashion and art often go hand in hand, and this collaboration is no exception. June Swimwear x Jason Cantoro is the work of two Canadian creators who combined their expertise to produce a swimwear collection that's available exclusively at Simons.

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                                Spotlight 01.06.2017

                                Swimwear for adventurers at heart

                                It's always June somewhere… There's always somewhere in the world with good weather, bright sunshine, and warm, welcoming water. This mantra is an invitation to escape and a driving force behind June Swimwear. The brand's mission is to give women the desire to travel and surf, as well as the freedom to dream!

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                                Spotlight 04.05.2017

                                Bags for Today and Tomorrow

                                Molly Spittal's studio looks like it belongs to a sculptor: raw materials waiting to take shape, special tools for producing precise work, and large windows that cast light on even the tiniest detail. With her hands, she can make the perfect bag, an understated and functional piece that will last for years.

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                                Spotlight 01.05.2017

                                Celebrating fashion from here

                                The CAFA gala, an event run by some of the biggest names in fashion, recognizes outstanding achievement and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry.

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                                Spotlight 28.04.2017

                                La marée basse (low tide) and all its treasures

                                Travel to the heart of the Magdalen Islands with this collection of natural art that invites you to look at the riches of the sea in a whole new light...

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                                Collabs 13.04.2017

                                A love story filled with folklore

                                Making our way down one of Quebec City's main roads, we head towards the home of the young Quebec illustrator, Esthera Preda. She's graciously invited us over.

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                                Spotlight 07.04.2017

                                Spring Blooms on LIBERTY FABRICS!

                                Discover Liberty London, the prestigious print house that's reinvented its unique floral art every season since 1875. Simons presents its own exclusive collections that feature the oh-so-British label in Contemporaine for women, in Le 31 for men, and in its Simons Maison department for the home.

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                                Trends 03.04.2017

                                How do you build a well-balanced wardrobe?

                                Learn what the clothing categories are and their appropriate ratios so you can build a fully functional men's wardrobe.

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                                Spotlight 30.03.2017

                                Making products that make people happy!

                                Step into an imaginative world where unique decor accessories transform spaces into great places to live.

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                                Collabs 28.03.2017

                                Haute Humour: Our Sit-Down with Sew Sketchy

                                She's a fabulous New York fashionista with a sassy attitude, a soft spot for kale, and an obsession with everything hanging in Anna Dello Russo's closet. Never was there a caricature with “sew” much character as Sew Sketchy, the illustrious illustration that fashion fans just can't get enough of.

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                                Collabs 24.03.2017

                                Big Heart, Big Art — Why We Love Maya Gohill

                                Calgary artist Maya Gohill has a knack for charming everyone she meets. From her delightful personality to her impeccable sense of fashion, everything about the 40-something-year-old is as bright and expansive as the three storey-high mural she created for her hometown Simons' flagship.

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                                Spotlight 08.03.2017

                                A collection that breathes joie de vivre

                                A Sunday afternoon spent by the water in a swimsuit and shades... Hard not to smile imagining this scenario! This feeling is what drives the creators behind the brand Everyday Sunday daily."Relax and enjoy" is their motto!

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                                Spotlight 07.03.2017

                                Knowledge Cotton Apparel: An eco-friendly collection!

                                A Scandinavian menswear company with highly responsible environmental practices.

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                                Spotlight 28.02.2017

                                Let's celebrate our ability to help one another!

                                to promote International Women's Day, Simons would like to show our support for three organizations that work to help women in need of a hand getting ahead and getting out of difficult situations.

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                                Spotlight 16.02.2017

                                Well-being with Adrianne Ho and Franky Cammarata

                                Adrianne Ho, originally from Toronto, and Franky Cammarata, a Los Angeles native, are two international models that have numerous magazine covers and prestigious collaborations to their credit.

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                                Spotlight 07.02.2017

                                Simons presents Jonak, exclusively in Canada at Simons

                                Spotlighting an experienced and well-recognized family business that designs superior quality women's shoes that are as chic and on-trend as they come.

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                                Trends 20.01.2017

                                Complementary combos in pastel colours

                                Be all set for the new season with Contemporaine's ready-to-pair collection

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                                Trends 19.01.2017

                                Pack your suitcase with...

                                Read our travel guide to get ready for a stylish and carefree getaway.

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                                Trends 17.01.2017

                                Fashionable and Practical Activewear

                                Many people like to go straight from the gym or yoga studio to their regular activities without changing out of their workout clothes as it allows them to save time, all while remaining stylish, practical, and comfortable.

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                                Trends 03.01.2017

                                The Orlebar Brown collection: not your average swim shorts!

                                Soak up the sun with the new swim shorts collection for men that combines luxury and comfort!

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                                Collabs 22.12.2016

                                Simons, there for the community

                                Find out about a few of our 2016 initiatives that made a difference alongside local organizations.

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                                Trends 17.11.2016

                                Christmas comes home!

                                The season for celebrating is fast approaching! Follow our decor guide to create holiday magic at home…

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                                Spotlight 16.11.2016

                                Hopehanger, T-shirts made of 100% pure hope!

                                An exclusive new line of clothing created by two parents looking to help contribute to autism research.

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                                Collabs 08.11.2016

                                A gift that will have everyone talking!

                                Simons supports Fondation Sourdine and the école oraliste de Québec

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                                Spotlight 01.11.2016

                                Cloth & Clay to fabulous Nordic nations

                                This British company is making its grand entrance into the home fashion scene, offering an array of luxury duvet covers and cushions.

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                                Spotlight 26.10.2016

                                Eco-friendly Activewear

                                Discover the outdoor clothing brands that are taking action to promote sustainable development.

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                                Collabs 14.10.2016

                                P2 x Simons

                                This famous Quebec fashion designer has created a brand new collaboration that's exclusively available at Simons!

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                                Collabs 12.10.2016

                                Switch tes fripes, fashion straight from your TV

                                Simons is proud to present the newest fashion show on Vrak.

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                                Collabs 05.10.2016

                                Estelle & Lucille, knitwear made by grandma

                                Estelle & Lucille is a new type of knitwear company that supports society's grandmothers, their know-how, and the quality of handmade knit products.

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                                Trends 29.09.2016

                                Street Couture at Le 31 Urban

                                Discover this movement that combines street style and the cutting-edge creativity of today's top designers.

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                                Spotlight 26.09.2016

                                Swedish Stockings: an eco-friendly collection

                                The Swedish brand makes tights and nylon stockings from recycled threads.

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                                Spotlight 25.09.2016

                                Fogo the Beautiful

                                Our team spent a few days on Fogo Island for a photo shoot in a magical setting.

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                                Trends 23.09.2016

                                The "it" trend: Athleisure

                                The buzz around athleisure has reached a fever pitch. In light of its practical appeal—a trend combining athletic and leisure apparel that transitions seamlessly from gym to post-workout plans—it's not hard to see why.

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                                Collabs 21.09.2016

                                Samantha Pynn x Simons Maison

                                Who better to talk about her new collection than the designer herself? Samantha Pynn was willing to become our blog writer for the day!

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                                Trends 19.09.2016

                                Unisex Edition: A collection that redefines convention

                                From a whisper to a roar, a unisex movement has been sweeping through the global fashion scene. We're welcoming it to our doors with the premiere of Unisex Edition for the 2016/2017 fall/winter season.

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                                Collabs 09.09.2016

                                Claude A. Simard: painter of colour

                                He was a renowned painter, an experienced graphic artist and a beloved teacher. He also left La Maison Simons with a cherished legacy: its iconic green leaf!

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                                Spotlight 11.08.2016

                                Hello, Ottawa!

                                This is it! We're now located in our nation's capital. Today, Thursday, August 11, Simons' expansion across Canada continues with the opening of our thirteenth store in Ottawa!

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                                Spotlight 10.08.2016

                                Go sporty or retro for a chic back-to-school look!

                                Actress Vanessa Pilon, the bubbly young host of VRAK.TV, can count us here at Simons among her biggest fans.

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                                Spotlight 08.08.2016

                                Back to school at Djab with Jay Le Barbier and Martin Langelier

                                Whether you like it or not, back-to-school is just around the corner. This year, we've decided to come back with a bang! No corners have been cut and we've got everything from Instagram collaborators to thematic galleries and prizes to win.

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                                Collabs 05.08.2016

                                A historic landing at Simons

                                A great sailboat built in 1928 is currently cruising across the Atlantic. On board, expertise and tradition are making the long journey from France to Quebec. Destination: Simons.

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                                Spotlight 18.07.2016

                                Getting the most from your outdoor excursions

                                There is no better way to enjoy summer than by being out in the fresh air!

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                                Collabs 06.06.2016

                                Dressing the world one pocket tee at a time!

                                Poches & Fils is an up-and-coming Montreal company that makes pocket tees and tops. Its business concept is simple: customers choose the kind of top they want, then personalize it with a pocket they'd like to show off.

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                                Spotlight 09.05.2016

                                The OSQ and Simons

                                The Orchestre symphonique de Québec (OSQ) is performing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: a seminal work in the history of music!

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                                Spotlight 02.05.2016


                                With summer just around the corner, the bluebellgray collection could not be making a better-timed debut. The brand's signature watercolour graphics will take you to a summery world of colour and artistry.

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                                Trends 11.04.2016

                                Vans is turning 50 years young!

                                Founded in 1966, the California-based company has quickly become a household name in fashion with shoes that marry durability, elegance and comfort.

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                                Collabs 14.03.2016

                                New home decor collection by Samantha Pynn

                                Samantha Pynn is a pillar in the Canadian interior design landscape.

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                                Trends 15.02.2016

                                Artisan Quarter

                                This latest boho-inspired trend is a natural choice whether you're in the country side or in the city.

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                                Collabs 07.09.2015

                                Twik Collection x Amour & Joie de Vivre

                                Simons has been at the forefront of fashion since 1840 and considers art among its chief priorities. Its choice of collections by international designers, the clothing design process and even the design of Simons stores consistently demonstrate that art with a capital A is of central importance.

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                                Spotlight 15.06.2015

                                Mural by Melissa Del Pinto

                                Montreal-based painter Melissa Del Pinto has welcomed us into her studio to show us a world where birds are larger than life.

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